I, II,  : (2016-2019)

Vertical Plantation Drive

Through this project we re-decorated wall in front of SP Office, Police Line and walls of Sectors with plastic bottles and plants. 

It gave a message of growing plants and trees in places where we think it is not possible and to reuse the waste plastic bottles.

 This was done with the support of SP Ambala. The walls was Inaugurated by the then SP Abhishek Jorwal.

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Literate India project

A survey was conducted among the slums of Ambala City and a number was produced for the children who were in need of education.

raahgiri days Ambala

Raahgiri Days

In July we partnered with the District Administration and Haryana Police to organise Raahgiri day. 


Rang De Ambala

Every public place was painted out by our team of 100 Volunteers & 20 Artist who worked for day & night to paint each and every stone of the city.