Rang De Ambala

(Let’s paint Ambala)

Rang De Ambala Project was launched to paint the worst looking public sites of Ambala to build a Good rank of Ambala for Swachh Sarvekshan 2018.

 Every public place was painted out by our team of 100 Volunteers & 20 Artist who worked for day & night to paint each and every stone of the city.

 Some of the notable sites are: Pooja Sarees Flyover, Ambala Cantt Railway Station, Ambala Cantt Bus stand, Ambala City Railway Station, TB Hospital, Polytechnic college. 

Our Rang De Ambala project entry managed to get a position in TOP 3 Organizations of Nation under citizen corner launched by Swachh Sarvekshan 2018, who help in creating a better Environment through simple steps.



Rang de Ambala

Sanjul johar one of umeed ki kiran volunteer helping to paint the wall under bridge.


Rang de Ambala

We launched a project in September 2018, where we re-decorated the walls of Sectors with meaningful and message-giving paintings. The children of the Sectors actively participated in the activity and got to learn about cleanliness.

 We also added the Vertical Plantation on the walls to sustain the message of reuse and the noble idea of increasing greeneryThe wall was well appreciated by the DGP Ambala.

 This is our on-going project as we are tying up with more and more sectors or residential areas to continue this project and give Ambala a beautiful look it deserves.

painted tree

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Literate India project

A survey was conducted among the slums of Ambala City and a number was produced for the children who were in need of education.

raahgiri days Ambala

Raahgiri Days

In July we partnered with the District Administration and Haryana Police to organise Raahgiri day. 

trash tag challenge

Trash Tag challenge

The challenge is about cleaning some sites in your surroundings and Posting before and after pictures.