I, II, III , IV : (2016-2019)

Raddi safari Ambala

In January 2016, Umeed Ki Kiran was born with its first ever project. In this project, all the possible households, friends, families, neighbours were requested to collect all the Raadi which were not anymore useful to them. 


Raddi Safari (we established the news in mostly parts of Ambala that we will be collecting recyclable waste (raddi) of any form from houses and shops.) The collected Raddi was sold and the money collected was used to empower the students of the Literate India Campaign.


There have been 4 seasons of RADDI SAFARI through which collected tonnes of radio held in 2016-2019 which helped in buying stationery, books, food, crackers, phuljaris and happiness for the children of Literate India.



raddi safari

One kind word can make a huge difference. Become a volunteer or simply donate to contribute. Umeed Ki Kiran is the only Youth organization in the City with Maximum Youth Support & Volunteers who always support other Organizations in Event Management

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Literate India project

A survey was conducted among the slums of Ambala City and a number was produced for the children who were in need of education.

raahgiri days Ambala

Raahgiri Days

In July we partnered with the District Administration and Haryana Police to organise Raahgiri day. 

trash tag challenge

Trash Tag challenge

The challenge is about cleaning some sites in your surroundings and Posting before and after pictures.