Raahgiri Ambala

Raahgiri is India’s first sustained car-free citizen initiative that began in Gurgaon on Nov 17, 2013. The movement was conceived and is trademarked with the Raahgiri Foundation, consisting of local inhabitants from five organizations – EMBARQ India, I Am Gurgaon, Pedalyatri, Heritage School Gurgaon, Duplays Gurgaon.

In July we partnered with the District Administration and Haryana Police to organised Raahgiri day. It was being celebrated in many cities of Haryana We helped the Ambala Police to bring the concept here. Raahgiri received a very positive response.

 Our team ensured that every citizen of Ambala came to be a part of Raahgiri and give a fresh and energized start to their mornings. It is conducted on every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. Till date we have organised around 25 Raahgiri Days in Ambala and Panchkula

Raahgiri ambala

One kind word can make a huge difference. Become a volunteer or simply donate to contribute. Umeed Ki Kiran is the only Youth organization in the City with Maximum Youth Support & Volunteers who always support other Organizations in Event Management.

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Literate India project

A survey was conducted among the slums of Ambala City and a number was produced for the children who were in need of education.

menstrual hygiene drive

Menstrual Hygiene Drive

‘Making menstrual hygiene a stigma is violating several human rights,  most importantly the right to women dignity

trash tag challenge

Trash Tag challenge

The challenge is about cleaning some sites in your surroundings and Posting before and after pictures.