(2016 – Till present)

Literate Ambala

In May 2016, we started with our major project: Literate India Campaign. A survey was conducted among the slums of Ambala City and a number was produced for the children who were in need of education. Their parents were convinced to let them study & they were made aware of the importance of Right to Education And with this a batch of 15-20 students was started.

Today we are fortunate to have more than 100 Students who study with our Literate India Project & Literate Ambala project – the most interactive classroom session.

Through this campaign, our volunteers give the students classes on
every weekend for 2-3 hours.

And along with their respective school syllabi, we teach them about the basic etiquettes, moral habits, daily manners & the proper civilisation. With this we aim to achieve better results & the country with better
literacy rate.

teacher student in UKK

In our Literate India Class, we regularly keep adding new fun
activities for the children (like; we spent the day of Diwali 2018
with them, where we supported them with new shoes and a lot of
amazing Diwali stories, on Christmas 2018).


we spent the day with them and gave them various knowledge on moral values and life lessons.

since Literate India is our root project, each and every member of the NGO is associated with the kids from the classes by heart. We try to make those kids stand out of their crowd and explore more in life.

We try to fulfil their demands and needs, monetarily or in kind. Almost every new academic session, we provide the kids with new school bags, stationery, school books and notebooks, to raise money for for which we introduced “Raddi Safari”, a multi purpose project.

 In our Literate India classes, we not only provide the students with bookish knowledge and syllabi, but also we make sure they get proper general knowledge, develop their interests in activities like painting, drawing, singing and dancing.

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