I, II, III , IV : (2016-2019)

Cloth Donation

In January 2016, Umeed Ki Kiran was born with its first ever project. In this project, all the possible households, friends, families, neighbors were requested to collect all the clothes which were not anymore useful to them. 

The volunteers collected all the clothes and distributed them among the needful According to previous surveys, it had been recorded that many people in our state die due to the chilling weather & lack of proper clothing’s. 

There is no better way to provide a ray of hope which can also provide warmth. For the same we Umeedians launched our very first
project. And from last four seasons the organization is arranging this cloth donation drive continuously, in the start of winter

Throughout every season we ensure to cover more than 80% needed area of Ambala. It includes Bus Stand Area Slum, Kusht Ashram, Ghaseetpur Area, and some other areas of Jandli & Cantt.


donating cloths

One kind word can make a huge difference. Become a volunteer or simply donate to contribute. Umeed Ki Kiran is the only Youth organization in the City with Maximum Youth Support & Volunteers who always support other Organizations in Event Management

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plantation drive

Vertical Plantation Drive

It gave a message of growing plants and trees in places where we think it is not possible and to reuse the waste plastic  bottles

go green ambala

Rang De Ambala

Every public place was painted out by our team of 100 Volunteers & 20 Artist who worked for day & night to paint each and every stone of the city.

trash tag challenge

Trash Tag challenge

The challenge is about cleaning some sites in your surroundings and Posting before and after pictures.