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A ray of hope

Umeed Ki Kiran is a not-for-profit organisation(NGO) which was established in the year 2016 by Mr. Shubham Singh Negi.

Today, it is Ambala’s leading independent NGO. Extending a hand of hope gives us sheer delight. The aim is to protect the Rights of the Underprivileged and bringing socio economic equality through quality education. The organization is working towards two main motives i.e. For the education of underprivileged kids & Swachh Bharat mission. A Group of certain minds came together in the year 2016 to bring effective and positive changes in the field of better education of underprivileged children.

NGO umeed ki kiran Ambala
NGO Umeed ki kiran Ambala


The NGO is spearheaded by a team of young, dynamic, spirited individuals, who are sincerely dedicated to nurturing the needs and necessities of neglected children, the nation’s future Generation.

We believe that every child deserves the best chance for a bright future and that’s why we are fiercely committed towards ensuring that children not only survive, but also thrive and enjoy joyfully every opportunity in life.

We run programmes like Literate India Classes in the remotest areas of Ambala. Together, we look at what’s already being done, what more can be done, and what we can do together and provide help to every children.

Our team is made of
Soft skill expert
Content Writer
Public manager
Financial opreator

With the focus to improve their livings the organization focuses on basic education of underprivileged Childs as we believe that education is a Critical Requisite for Socio Economic Change.

Child Right is the human right of every Child to survival, Development, protection and Participation. It is the Right of every child to equal opportunities in future without discrimination as enshrined in the Constitution of India but still the Circumstances faced by most of the underprivileged Children of our Country are very miserable.

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“Still the situation is: Children are not able to go to Schools, they have to commit to begging, they have to do the job of Rag pickers, and still mostly Children are engaged in Child Labour.” And everything is possible with the tool of Education. Now the time has changed. This is the time to use this tool as a Weapon against the vicious cycle of ignorance, poverty and diseases.

Our Organization works to make these underprivileged kids and their parents aware of Right to Education.the motive of encouraging Swachh Bharat Mission also stays by.

Objective of our foundation

On Keeping maximum Focus  on Education & Swachh Bharat Mission our objective is: 


To admit the deprived students in schools and to promote right to education.


To help the underprivileged students And helpless Women by providing education Classes to these Groups of society so that the quality of education get improved.


To encourage the formation of various local groups across the nation and to reach out to larger sections of the population.


To support and cooperate with persons and groups already engaged in similar activities. ·


To raise the required human and other important resources to achieve the group objectives.

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Meet the team

shubham Negi

Shubham Negi


Goodness is about character – integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people.

Nikita Bansal

Nikita Bansal


“Success isn’t about how much money you make. it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives “

Awesh Kumar

Awesh Kumar


Together we can change the world, just one random act of kindness at a time.